Top Reasons to Hire a CPA

Thomas W. Klash CPA advice is second-to-none. That’s because Thomas W. Klash is a CPA with more than 45 years of financial experience and his knowledge can help you with your personal finances.

If you ask Thomas W. Klash, CPA services are very important to have, especially around tax time. Those who seek out Thomas W. Klash for CPA services are rarely disappointed and always get their maximum tax returns. To tap further into Thomas W. Klash CPA advice, here are the top reasons to hire a CPA according to Thomas W. Klash, a CPA who cares about helping you.

  • Hiring a CPA can save you money by finding more significant deductions for you during tax time. It’s easy for individuals to miss tax credits but CPAs know what to look for. Even if it cost a couple hundred dollars to hire the CPA, it should pay for itself if they find even just one extra deduction that you would have missed.
  • Hiring a CPA gives you peace of mind during tax season, which otherwise can become quite stressful. Knowing a professional is handling your finances is a very satisfying and reassuring feeling.
  • A CPA can also help you plan your finances for the upcoming year and future years.
  • A CPA can answer any tax questions you have so that you can become more financially savvy.
  • A CPA can represent you in the case of an audit by the IRS.
  • Having a CPA prepare your taxes will save you time because you won’t have to spend hours doing them yourself.
  • It’s a CPA’s job to keep up with tax reform and complicated tax laws so that you don’t have to.
  • A CPA can give you tips for improving your credit score and tell you want types of investments you might qualify for based on your current score.
  • CPAs are good at handling large amounts of money, so if you earn more than $200,000 a year it is wise to have a CPA handling your finances because top earners are more likely to be audited.
  • If you have multiple sources of income, taxes can get very confusing but hiring a CPA can help make it less complicated.
  • If you are self-employed, a CPA can help you set up your own business and handle its finances. There are some big write-offs for self-employed individuals that your CPA will make sure you don’t miss out on.

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